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Our History

The Vero Beach Choral Society has been making beautiful choral music and thrilling audiences since its formation in 1984. It is an auditioned community-based and intergenerational ensemble that performs choral art music from the Renaissance through the 21st century. From concerts in Europe to the prestigious Carnegie Hall, the VBCS has continued to grow and outperform itself, as it remains committed to making a difference through its music. The Choral Society tagline encapsulates the reason for its very existence: enriching the community with music, education, and inspiration.

The VBCS has expanded its reach and repertoire and its journey continues to be one filled with interesting and exciting developments. In July 1991, the VBCS was selected to participate in the Bridges of Song Festival for Peach held in Tallinn, Estonia. In 1994, the group represented Vero Beach and by extension the United States at the 10th International Church Music Festival in Coventry, England. This was followed by a two-week tour of England and Scotland, with concerts at two other cathedrals. The VBCS continued to expand its reach. After an extensive audition process, members were accepted to sing in the Haydn Classical Music Festival in Eisenstadt and Vienna, Austria. In 2001 and 2005, the VBCS achieved another milestone when it performed at Carnegie Hall in New York.

For the VBCS, having an impact in the community is as important as performing. Its yearly scholarship program is but one of the many ways the Choral Society wants to create a legacy of “music with a purpose”. The VBCS strongly believes that music enhances our senses and imagination, bringing joy to our overall environment. Through the centuries music has helped capture the spirit and essence of great moments. Encouraging the future generation of musical talent is essential to preserving this tradition.


This is why the Vero Beach Choral Society is so committed to supporting gifted young singers in our local community. Get in touch to find out more.

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