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Donate to the Vero Beach Choral Society

The Vero Beach Choral Society needs your help.

We now accept donations online via Credit Card or ACH direct debit!

 Our Donors
We are grateful to those listed for their generous donation.

Their support enables VBCS to continue providing quality performances and music education to our community. 

GOLD LEVEL ($1,000+)
Sean Donovan & Lori Macpherson
Dorothy* & John Payne
Bobbee Larsson*
Holly Adams*

Amy* & Joseph Cosner

Charles Jacobs

Glenn & Dorothy* Faurot


Faith Parker*

Barbara Brugh
Ann Tharpe

Anne & Herb Gullquist

Jaeger Family

Linda Aronberg

Brad & Pam Gardner

Drs David and Rosalind Vaz MacLean

C. Keith Martin

Don & Sandy Rendall

Jim Kelsey

Barbara Taylor
Deb Benjamin

Dr. Melvyn* & Edwina Lobo

Howard R. Leary*

Fellsmere Historical Church

Maureen & Tom Meaney
Janice Woodbury
Drs David *& Rosalind Vaz MacLean
Martin & Isobel Brophy
Grant & Nancy* Bush

Pat Allex

Carol Hume Davis

Jack Vanderplate*

Paul & Bowe Lang

DONOR (up to $249)

Melissa Jessup

Jack Lilley

Steve & Robin Bessin

Renate & Jim Dolphin

Julie Goodrich

Sally Smith*

Pat & Harry Smith

Alma Wood

Lee Sherman*

Harlie Mountain

Karen Abell

Mary Kay & Dan Kelleher

South Paw Massage & Wellness

Daniel Emerson

Maureen & Joseph Prior

Susanne L & Bryant Alford
Matt & Emily Hamilton
Ruth McGurk

Christine & Donald Rothman

Paul Williamson & Co.

Fran Laserson

Nancy & Walter Bromley 

Jon Fauver & Janet Duchaine

Roger & Emily* Sherwood

Del & Gerry Carrier
In honor of Ms. Nancy Waddington
Serene Savory

Carol Davis & Anne Ditzler

Robert Middleman

Martha & Chris Higgins

Christina & Robert Garst

DK Benjamin

Mary Lou Christy

Jon Larsen & Nancy Fette

Jim & Diane Dornan

*member of VBCS

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