Our Members

We are proud of our Choral Members, including…


Soprano 1

Rachel Carter

Emily Dreher

Lyn Durham

Martha Franchi

Karen Herbst

Jennifer Oseroff

Gillian Ross

Barbara Taylor

Soprano 2

Lynne Conn

Amy Cosner

Allison Matsik

Jenifer Mina

Marjorie Wysocki


Alto 1

Candy Johnston

Bridget McDaniel

Marge Mullins

Dorothy Payne

Emily Sherwood

Nancy Stiefel

Alto 2

Marie Cibotti

April Hargett

Linda Jackson

Lee Sherman

Berek Smith


John Connell

Pete Jackson

Howard Leary

Melvin Lobo

Alan Northcott

Terry Patrick


George Bodine

Tom McManus

Rob Middleman

Jim O’Brien

Jay Philpott

Our Choral Members are committed musicians who also participate in other area choirs and performing groups.

Of course, we are blessed with a strong corps of Supporting Members. While they may not participate as singers, they are critical to our success. Some simply join our ranks to show their support. Others get involved in publicity, library, ticket sales, stage management, photography, concert recording, fundraising, and more. They make a huge difference in our important mission.

You can become a Member, too. For more information, email us or call us at 772.494.5011.