A Successful Season

As I write this, the Spring Concert is becoming a memory, and a great one at that! Drawing deep on a varied repertoire, the choristers delighted audiences both in the First Presbyterian Church on Friday, and in the Community Church on Sunday.

 A great time was had by audience and choristers alike. This was posted on Facebook after Friday's concert: –

"A wonderful concert. Beautiful music and poetry. I love the words to the songs. Yea for doing a Leonard Cohen song. My idol. Thanks for all your hard work." - Karlene Meyer

Spring 2016


Die Fledermaus

The Choral Society provided 14 singers for the chorus in Vero Beach Opera's Die Fledermaus, and the performance was exciting! Here is a picture taken at the Dress Rehearsal.

Die Fledermaussml


All reports of the show have been great, and it provided an interesting change in experience for the participants.

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