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Die Fledermaus

The Choral Society provided 14 singers for the chorus in Vero Beach Opera's Die Fledermaus, and the performance was exciting! Here is a picture taken at the Dress Rehearsal.

Die Fledermaussml


All reports of the show have been great, and it provided an interesting change in experience for the participants.

Rounding up the Year

The Seasonal Celebration at the Community Church on Sunday evening (13th) was tremendous!

The place was packed, possibly even half-an-hour before the start, with throngs eager to hear the combined performers from the Community Church's concert series and other guests. This has become a not-to-be missed concert, just in its second year.

The Choral Society sang two of its own pieces and joined in on three others. The video can be seen here (warning - it is nearly two hours long!).

The next event for choristers is on January 10, 2016, when many will be taking part in the chorus in Vero Beach Opera's production of "Die Fledermaus". This is a move away from our traditional format, and represents a further coming together of the arts groups in Vero Beach, to the benefit of everyone. Go to VBO's website for more details and to buy tickets.

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